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"I suspect this dark, immersive, and disturbing exercise is just the beginning of a beautiful filmmaking career"

"Every minute of this film is powerful."

Award This! Movie We LOVED That You Probably Never Knew Existed (or Film Threat’s Version of “Best Picture”)

Interview with Cath Gulick

Film Threat Podcast Interview with Cath Gulick

"With its pulsating score, stunning visuals, and award-worthy performance by Adelina Amosco, The Fever and The Fret is cinema in its purest form and marks an exciting debut for writer-director-cinematographer-editor-producer-makeup artist (!) Cath Gulick."

"A powerful performance by Adelina Amosco"

Interview. Cath Gulick: Film as a Group Art Form

Podcast Interview with Cath Gulick and Producer Victoria Negri

All-female team behind ‘Fever and the Fret’ gets creative with limitations

"...A moving story about a teenager trying to escape her troubled life."

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